Restaurant Hannes Boy

Hannes Boy is a unique but homey restaurant that offers a cozy and romantic environment at Siglo´s marina village. It is located in the bright yellow house by the marina in Siglufjordur. The restaurant Hannes Boy is named after a local legend and fisherman. The Icelandic menu, including our signature salted cod and an excellent lamb dish, is an excellent choice for those wanting to relax in a cozy environment and enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and marina.
Hannes Boy opened in 2010 and is an excellent place to enjoy finer dining. The restaurant is open every day during the summertime, from June until the end of August. During wintertime, it is mostly open for groups or special occasions.


Hannes Boy is one of Siglo Hótel´s three local restaurants. The other two restaurants are Kaffi Raudka and the restaurant Sunna that is located within the hotel.