Ytra Lón Farm Lodge

Ytra Lón Farm Lodge is situated in the midst of Langanes Peninsula, on the far reaches of one of Iceland’s most remote corners. 14 km northeast of Þórshöfn on road nr. 869.

The Magical land of Ytra Lón Farm & Retreat is offering space; to sit in nature, with the birds, foxes, and lambs, 
with Trolls, Elves, and Fairies,
with an abundance of medicinal plants.
with the healing water of the river and the ocean.
with the powerful energy of the mountains.

Your senses regenerate and expand. Your mind rediscovers natural contentment and peace.

We invite you to join us in Ytra Lón for silence and solitude, for your retreat in the Arctic. Our residents tell us that they experience;

total immersion in nature, feeling its healing power and become one with the Icelandic spirit.
They return home feeling revitalized, refreshed, healed and knowing the changes they will make in their lives as a result of this time out.