1238: The Battle of Iceland

The exhibition, 1238 : The Battle of Iceland, will revolve around the most famous part of the Icelandic Sagas – Sturlung Era (1220 – 1264); the bloodiest and most violent era in Icelandic history.  Sturlunga  recreated with interactive technology brings to life, in a fascinating vision, Iceland’s most dramatic clash of family clans and the fatal civil war that ended Iceland’s independence.

1238 : The Battle of Iceland, will be an immersive exhibition that goes a step beyond the regular history museum. The exhibition will offer people of all ages to experience history in a very modern and artful interactive installations  and to take part in dramatic events through virtual reality.  Whether visitors have great or no interest in history the visit can truly be an amazing experience.

Café & Bistro, Souvenir Shop and Torist Information Office will also be located at 1238 : The Battle of Iceland.

Opens in summer of 2019.