Arctic Snorkeling with Puffins

Puffins are often referred to as “clowns of the sea”, and one of the collective names for them is a “circus” of puffins, which seems appropriate. This eccentric species with their colourful bills is high on the wish-to-see list of most visitors to the Nordic countries. But on Grímsey Island, the only community in Iceland located on the Arctic Circle, you have the unique chance to witness the bustle and commotion of these agile little “clowns” not only in the air but also underwater, as they are perfect divers. Snorkeling in the ocean by the Arctic island is a unique adventure and – depending on the weather – you might even snorkel across the Arctic Circle!

The ocean around Grímsey is crystal-clear and the aquatic surroundings of the island are full of life, with a great kelp forest on the bottom which is home to many different fish species such as cod, haddock, starfish, plaice and pollock. Whales are usually not far away either. Puffins are summer guests and the chance to encounter them is limited to the summer months from mid-April to mid-August.