From Cod to Bacalao – from the ocean to your plate

Learn first hand all about salted cod that always played an important role in Icelandic culture, both as a product for export and a commodity that has become a popular ingredient in many cuisines around the Atlantic, West Africa and the Mediterranean. Join a small group in our traditional Icelandic oak boat and sail out to the rich fishing grounds of Eyjafjörður near the village Hauganes. The guide will tell you all about fishing in olden and modern times. But then it is your turn to cast the lines and hook your own catch of Atlantic cod or haddock. Soon the air will be filled with seagulls wanting to share your catch of the day. If you are interested, the guide can teach you how to fillet the fish. On the way out to the fishing grounds and back to the village we have a good chance of spotting whales.

Back on land, you follow your catch into Ektafiskur, a true pioneer in preparing ready-to-cook salted cod products, as a result of which the company received an innovation award in 2005. The manager, Elvar, is the self-proclaimed “King of the Salted Codfish” and a third-generation salted codfish producer, as his grandfather established the factory in 1940 and evolved the methods that have been put into practice ever since.

After catching the cod and learning how to process it into bacalao you take the last – and very delicious step; enjoying a tasty dish of salted cod in the Bacalao Bar.