Meet Icelandic sheep and learn about sustainable food

Join your hosts who run a sustainable farm in one of the most remote corners of Iceland; as far as it is possible to be from Iceland’s capital, and experience a different rhythm of life.

Spring in Iceland is a very special time of the year with its seasonal highlight of lambing, the busiest time of the year for a farmer, but also very rewarding with all the newborn lambs bleating for care and attention.
From the long winter break, the island awakens into a new life: the lambs are born, the sun is back, shining practically 24/7, and migrating birds arrive filling both day and night with their vibrating voices.

Mirjam and Sverrir, your hosts, will share the pattern of their daily life with you. You visit the sheep with their lambs and perhaps have the chance to bottle-feed one of these home-bred lambs and find out the traditional ways of sheep farming. You can observe (and perhaps assist in) the training of sheepdogs, learn all about sustainable products, and enjoy helping the farmers to prepare traditional meals with products from the farm.