The vicarage at Sauðaneshús

The vicarage at Sauðanes, Sauðaneshús, is the oldest stone house in Þingeyjarsýslur. It was built in 1879 from gray basalt which originated far from the area. The basalt was moved to Sauðanes and hewn there. Masonry houses of this type are very rare in Iceland and Sauðaneshús is therefore almost unique in a national sense. Sauðaneshús was abandoned around 1957 and stood cold and empty for almost 40 years. 

Today, Sauðaneshús houses the exhibition “Að sækja björg í björg”. The first part of the exhibition opened in the summer of 2020 and the second part in the summer of 2021. The exhibition showcases how life was in Langanes during the time that Sauðaneshús was inhabited and how the vicarage was essentially the center of the community in the area. A lot of noteworthy people are connected to Sauðaneshús and the exhibition offers information about some of them, as well as educating visitors about a variety of occupations, like the position as the pastor’s wife and the status of workers.