Take a step back in time to the Herring Era

The Herring Era Museum is the country’s largest maritime and industrial museum, where visitors have the opportunity to get to know the herring fishery and processing industry that underpinned Iceland’s economy for much of the twentieth century. The herring industry was so important that it was seen as an adventure, as the country rose up from centuries of poverty to build a modern society.

Three different museum buildings provide visitors with an insight into the magnificent and captivating herring industry. The Róaldsbrakki is a Norwegian herring station dating back to 1907. Most of this building is as it was in the past, when herring girls lived in the building throughout the summer. Grána is an example of a small herring factory of the 1930s and visitors can see the workings of the reduction industry, which has long been seen as Iceland’s first major industry. The Boathouse seeks to recreate a portion of a herring port, with the fleet alongside one evening in 1950 and allows visitors to mull over what it must have been like to walk the quaysides around the middle of the last century. By the end of the tour, our guide will offer a taste of herring, along with rye bread from the local baker – and a little Brennivín to wash it down with.