The Icelandic Folk Art Museum

Safnasafnið - The Icelandic Folk Art Museum - was founded in 1995 by Níels Hafstein and Magnhildur Sigurðardóttir. The collection, consisting of paintings, sculptures, drawings, watercolors, embroideries, books, dolls, toys and tools, presents an interesting and informative view of folk art, as well as modern art and what inspires it. The collection consists of over 135.200 works by naive, outsider and folk artists and close to 200 works by modern artists.

Yearly the museum displays 12 exhibitions of diverse characters mixing folk art and modern to create a surprising rendez-vous of ideas and show in one place the wonderful and playful paths of the creative mind. The museum also offers a superb library with books on art, architecture, outsider art, gardens, cars and diverse other things, all adding to its meditative charm. The museum offers excellent explorative grounds for the curious visitor, who becomes spontaneously a participant in an adventure that brings his and her youthful spirit to new heights.

The museum's exhibitions are open daily between 10:00 and 17:00 from the first weekend of May until the first weekend of September. At other times we can open upon request, depending on the weather. 

Free catering offered for guests.