Arctic Coast Way - Norðurstrandarleið

Traveling the Arctic Coast Way means leaving the common routes behind you and going off the beaten track to some of the most places in North Iceland; a adventure following 900 km of coastal roads close to the . The Arctic Coast Way covers the entire coastline of North Iceland from Hvammstangi in the West to Bakkafjörður in the East.

It was officially opened on the .

Here, where , nature´s force has carved a coastline of and pure beauty. The route includes six peninsulas reaching far out in the ocean, taking you from black sandy beaches to spectacular cliffs, along glacial river deltas and fjords to high mountains. Going one step further into remoteness, five beautiful islands offer unforgettable experiences and you might even want to straddle the Arctic Circle. Each of the little towns along the way tells .

You could drive the whole route in one go – but there is no need to do so. You are free to slow down and indulge yourself, as you discover the wonders of the Arctic Coast Way. Moving to the rhythm of waves and wind, feel a surge of energy on stunning hikes and meet friendly people who will make you want to return again and again. The dramatic shifts of light from the Midnight Sun to Northern Lights and the seasonal palette of colors from winter´s pristine white to autumn´s fiery tones offer you a different perspective each time, with new adventures awaiting you.

Þórðarhöfði on Arctic Coast Way