Travelling Arctic Coast Way

How much time do I need?

Give yourself the present of time when you plan your trip. The conditions of the Arctic Coast Way, the roads, the weather, and remoteness, require you to make space for some extra time in your itinerary.  The landscapes along the route offer its magic to those who take the time out to immerse themselves in the circumstances each time. Experiencing the entire route and its islands will take about 9 days.

Are you planning to come outside the summer season?

Spring, autumn and winter are beautiful seasons to discover the Arctic Coast Way. But as it can snow in autumn, winter and spring (September - May) you must be aware of challenging weather and road condition and have your schedule flexible, making room for some unexpected extra days.

Give yourself the present of time, because the Arctic Coast Way:

and takes them on a journey in a spirit of adventure and exploration. Arctic Coast Way travelers will go further than most other tourists by leaving the ring road. Narrow and often graveled roads go around six peninsulas; one is uninhabited, three with only a few farms and small settlements, offering endless space to set-free and to go “off the grid”.

and over every hill. It inspires visitors to immerse themselves in elemental nature and its energy and to fill their days with all kinds of activities, ranging from soft adventure to personal challenges and observing outstanding wildlife habitat.

It is wide open to those who come alive when they go outside and feel elation at the stops in between their destinations– or unexpected breaks dictated by the weather, which is such a powerful element of the region where the icy ocean meets volcanic land.

Here are about 900 km waiting to be explored, the journey, however, is not measured in milestones but in unexpected moments that will make visitors wish to return again and again. The dramatic change in luminosity from the midnight sun to northern lights and the seasonal palette of colors from pristine winter white to autumn’s blaze of hues offers visitors a new route every time with new adventures and a new story waiting for them.