The Herring House

 The Herring House is a cozy place for tourists and travellers around Iceland.  

We offer you a place to stay in the Northmost town of Iceland, Sigluförður, where the people are friendly and welcoming to newcomers.  

The guesthouse is very well located in a large peaceful garden behind the church, with a view of the town, fjord, and the surrounding mountains, and only a few minute's walk from the town´s square; Ráðhústorgið, where you will find shops, café´s, bars, restaurants, and museums. 

At The Herring House, you can enjoy peace and quiet in a comfortable environment with a
breath-taking view.  

The mountains offer a great opportunity for outdoor activities such as hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. 

At The Herring House, we have four elegant rooms with made-up beds and two cabins located in the garden. 

The rooms have a shared well-equipped kitchenette and a spacious bathroom. 

The two-person cabins have a terrace, a private bathroom and a small, but fully equipped kitchen. 

In the garden, you can find an outdoor shower, bathhouse, and a hot tub in between the trees. 

Here you can wash your day off in our outdoor shower and relax in our hot tub, enjoying the mountain range and fresh Icelandic air.  

We look forward to offering you a pleasant experience at The Herring House, where great emphasis is placed on hygiene and personal service.