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Travelling the Arctic Coast Way

  • Driving & Camping

    Driving & Camping

    Driving off the beaten path comes with responsibility. Take a look before you visit the Arctic Coast Way. 

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  • Nature & Wildlife

    Nature & Wildlife

    The Arctic Coast Way connects you to unspoiled nature which is home for rich wildlife.  Please help us to have a respectful and sustainable coexistence in these beautiful landscapes.

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  • The Icelandic Pledge

    The Icelandic Pledge

    The Arctic Coast Way welcomes its visitors on an unforgettable journey in the spirit of adventure and exploration and takes them through an unspoiled natural environment along the coast of North Iceland. 

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Listen to local stories

Þrístapar - The last execution in Iceland
Skagi - Of monsters, ghosts and even polar bears
Dalvík - The war between Iceland and Britain
Drangey - Trapped on Drangey island
Siglufjörður - The herring girl
Akureyri - Danish on Sundays
Ytra Lón - The heartbeat of Mother Earth
Grímsey - Childhood in Grímsey
Kópasker - The Kópasker earthquake
Ánastaðir - How a whale beaching saved the people
Grenivík - Born in a snowstorm
Hrísey - The medicine of Angelica
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