Blönduós is the most populated town by Húnaflói and is located by Road nr. 1. Through the town, runs one of the country's glacial rivers, Blanda and in the middle is the small island Hrútey, one of the area's natural wonders. The island is protected and closed due to bird nesting from April 20th to the 20th of June, but for the rest of the year you can cross a walking bridge to the island and there you can discover hiking trails. The walk along Blanda down to the shore is particularly romantic, overlooking the sea to the beautiful Strandafjöll.

In addition to nature viewing, there are other recreational activities to be found in the area, the swimming pool in Blönduós is one of the best in the country, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the hot tub while the children play in the pool or take a run in the water slides. Next to the swimming pool is the largest trampoline in Iceland, located on the school grounds, there you can also spend time in the climbing castle, football field and at the skateboard ramps. Angling is a popular activity in the area and in Blönduós there is a rod rental where you can get all the gear you need. In Blönduós there is also a horse rental and a golf course.

Heimilisiðnaðarsafnið holds some of the nation's textile and handcraft history showing how the development has been throughout the centuries. In the old women's school at Blönduós you can find Vatnsdæla tapestry and the Textílmiðstöð Íslands – Þekkingarsetur á Blönduósi.

There is a variety of accommodation options in the area, hotels, guesthouses, cottages with hot tubs and saunas, as well as a well-equipped camp site next to the river Blanda. Catering is available at restaurants, cafes and at the grocery store.

At Blönduós there are a variety of events such as Prjónagleði, Smábæjarleikarnir og Húnavaka.