The township of Grenivík lies under the 1,173 metre high mountain Kaldbakur. There are many excellent routes up the mountain, but if you do not feel like tackling those, there are easier paths up Þengilhöfði, which is a 260 metre high mountain just south of Grenivík. But for those who want a really challenging climb there are Blámannshattur and Laufáshnjúkur, both in the surrounding area.

When Grenivík is mentioned, Fjörðurnar and Látraströnd immediately spring to mind. Both were once populated, and these ancient sites are now a veritable paradise for hikers. Nowadays, more and more walkers are making their way to these locations, both to savour the beautiful and diverse natural assets and to acquaint themselves with the story of these long gone occupants, which unravels with every step taken.

The township and its surroundings are constantly attracting more and more visitors and most people should be able to find something to their taste. Pólarhestar run a horse rental stables at Grýtubakki. Fjörðungar specialise in walks and hikes around Fjörður and Látraströnd, while Kaldbaksferðir offer snowcat trips up Kaldbakur. Besides all that, there is fishing in the rivers Fnjóská and Fjarðará in Hvalvatnsfjörður.

Coffee and restaurant facilities can be found at the grocery store, Jónsabúð, in Grenivík and at the "Gamla prestshúsið" (the Old Rectory) by the old turf farm, Laufás. Beside the elementary school, there is a good swimming pool and a camping site. Hléskógar farm offers accommodation both at the farmhouse and at the camping site.

It is well worth making a detour from highway 1 to enjoy the unspoilt nature and hospitality of the area's inhabitants.