Hofsós is a small community lying on the east of Skagafjörður fiord. In days gone by this was the main service centre for the region and is one of the oldest trading posts in Iceland still in existence.

Here you can see an old log building, Pakkhúsið, a warehouse dating from the times of the Danish trade monopoly (1602-1787). Another old building, which has newly been renovated, houses yet another museum which is well worth a visit - the Icelandic Emigration Center - which tells the story of Icelandic emigrants to North America.

The restaurant Sólvík offers refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a camping site by the primary school and also a guesthouse. On 27 March 2010 a new and impressive swimming pool was opened at Hofsós. The new swimming pool and its surroundings are beautifully constructed. The pool itself is situated on the sea shore, to the south of the village and above Staðarbjargarvík. It is so designed that when one swims from south to north, the surface of the pool and the surface of the ocean below appear to merge, and the swimmer seems to be setting a course straight for the island of Drangey.

On Midsummer's Day a festival is held at Hofsós.