Hraunhafnartangi Beach - Summer Destination

Hraunhafnartangi and Rifstangi are the northernmost points of Iceland, at the edge of the arctic circle. Hraunhafnartangi derives its name from the natural harbor which is mentioned in 13th century literature. Þorgeirsdys, a stone mound found on Hraunhafnartangi, is believed the burial mound of Þorgeir Hávarsson who was slain there in an epic 11th century battle chronicled in Fóstbræðrasaga.

A sign on the gravel road No. 870 indicates the most northern point of the mainland of Iceland. A short walk follows the stony beach with rich birdlife and ends almost at the Polar Circle - it´s just 3 km further north! 

The elder duck is protected under Icelandic law. All access to the nesting area and its surroundings is prohibited between April 15th and July 14th.