Surrounded by high mountain peaks and long valleys, with a lake in the middle… that’s Ólafsfjörður!

For the general tourist, as well as those who are keen on outdoor activities, Ólafsfjörður has many interesting and enjoyable pursuits on offer.

During the winter months it is a skier's paradise and an outdoor enthusiast's dream come true. There is a choice of cross-country skiing, slalom, alpine skiing, skating, zooming around on a snowmobile or ice-fishing in the waters of Ólafsfjarðar lake. There is even a ski jump ramp on Main Street. For alpine skiing Ólafsfjörður is perfect as you can ski to sea from over 1000m peak to the shoreline and all in virgin powder.

The black sandy shores with big waves draw attention to Arctic Surfers and you can say that Ólafsfjörður is one of the best places in the world for surfing under the Northern Lights.

During the summer, it is the mountains, the lake, the sea and the black sandy shores which beckon us, and there is a wide selection of walks and hikes in both mountains and valleys to tempt the visitor. A few hours walking through the area's rugged landscape gives one the chance to savour the peace and tranquillity which emanates from these natural elements and is so rarely found in modern society.

The diversity of leisure activities in is almost endless and in Ólafsfjörður fishing is popular due to the layers of fresh water and sea in Ólafsfjörður lake. It is a natural phenomenon. At the black beach are two Motocross tracks appealing to both beginners and advanced riders. Fjallabyggð Golf-Club is located near the town and is a 9-hole golf course, par 33. It is a short but challenging due to his location in Skeggjabrekka Valey. Ólafsfjörður Geothermal Pool contains water-slides, steam room, cold tub and hot tubs, resembling a miniature Spa-Waterpark. Pálshús Museum hosts the Natural History museum of Ólafsfjörður, containing a polar bear, and a wonderful exhibition called “The Desire to Fly”.