Súlur Hike - Summer Destination

From Akureyri center drive up Súluvegur. Park the car at the parking lot at the end of Súluvegur. Go to the top of the parking and start walking along the tracks to the right, after crossing the little creek follow the sign to the right up to the hill and across the fence. The path is marked and is approx 5,3 km from the parking to the top of Súlur. Mt. Súlur is the landmark mountain of Akureyri. The mountain has two peaks. Syðri-Súla (South-Súla) is the higher one, 1213 m, but the one you reach first is the lower peak Ytri – Súla (Outer-Súla), is about 1200. From the peaks, there is a spectacular view of Eyjafjörðu fjord. The hike is not possible in snowy conditions.