Local Stories


The Arctic Coast Way connects you to its rough and unspoiled nature and takes you to diversified landscapes between seaside and mountains. It captivates you with its peaceful coastal villages and authentic people, whose stories and culture are formed by the live at the ocean close to the Arctic Circle. You are freed up to slow down and leave feeling uplifted and fulfilled with unique memories.
Feel the freedom of breathing with the rhythm of waves and wind while listening to stories of the locals.

How is childhood in Grímsey? Listen to a story from Hulda Signý Gylfadóttir who is born and raised on the island.
Did people in Akureyri speak Danish on Sundays? Listen to a story from Tryggvi Gíslason, the former headmaster of Akureyri Junior College. He has lived in Akureyri for many years and knows plenty of interesting stories.
Have you heard about the last execution in Iceland? Listen to a story from Magnús Ólafsson where he talks about when his father and grandfather dug up the bones of Agnes and Friðrik.
Can you imagine working as a herring girl? Listen to a story from Birna Björnsdóttir who started working as a herring girl on her 7th birthday.
Have you heard about the Cod war between Iceland and Britain? Listen to a story from Jóhann Antonsson.
Can you imagine being trapped on island like Drangey for a couple of days? Maybe even with very little food. Listen to a story from Viggó Jónsson who loves spending his time on the island.
Did you know that the whale beaching at Ánastaðir in 1882, saved many people from starvation? Listen to a story from Sólveig Benjamínsdóttir, the director of museums in the municipality Húnaþing vestra.
The weather in Iceland is constantly changing and the winters can be very tough with snowstorms and impassable roads. Listen to a story from Ingólfur Kristinn Ásgeirsson. He tells us about a day his mother will never forget – the day he was born.
Have you experienced the energy so pure and so strong, felt the heartbeat of Mother Earth? Listen to a story from Mirjam Blekkenhorst and how fate brought her to Iceland in her early twenties.
Do you think there are ghosts, monsters or even polar bears roaming around the area? Listen to a story from Sigrún Lárusdóttir that is born and raised in Skagi peninsula.
Have you experienced an earthquake? Listen to a story from Hólmfríður Halldórsdóttir who lived in Kópasker when the major earthquake hit, in 1976.
Did you know, Angelica has been used for medicinal purposes since early times? Listen to a story from Linda María Ásgeirsdóttir who lives on the island. Linda owns a restaurant and uses the Angelica in many of her dishes.