Local Stories


The Arctic Coast Way connects you to its rough and unspoiled nature and takes you to diversified landscapes between seaside and mountains. It captivates you with its peaceful coastal villages and authentic people, whose stories and culture are formed by the live at the ocean close to the Arctic Circle. You are freed up to slow down and leave feeling uplifted and fulfilled with unique memories.
Feel the freedom of breathing with the rhythm of waves and wind while listening to stories of the locals.

Akureyri - Danish on Sundays
Ánastaðir - How a whale beaching saved the people
Dalvík - The war between Iceland and Britain
Drangey - Trapped on Drangey island
Grenivík - Born in a snowstorm
Grímsey - Childhood in Grímsey
Hrísey - The medicine of Angelica
Kópasker - The Kópasker earthquake
Siglufjörður - The herring girl
Skagi - Of monsters, ghosts and even polar bears
Ytra Lón - The heartbeat of Mother Earth
Þrístapar - The last execution in Iceland